Workshop IV “Maturity of artificial intelligence: system integration and management problems,” November 20 (news release), 2020 [latest full version]

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The seminar is focused on the discussion of problematic issues of ensuring the accelerated development of artificial intelligence in the Russian Federation, researching the field of artificial intelligence [... VR media], increasing the availability of information and computing resources for users, improving the training system in this area.

Dear colleagues!

This week, from November 20, the traditional cycle of working online meetings together with initiative colleagues from Moscow and non-city organizations continues. We are interested in popularizing the achievements of methods and tools for intellectualizing Polysyllabic Systems for various designated purpose, Autonomous Robotics, Cyberphysical applications, and System Integration of scientific activities. Of course, attracting the attention and interest of a wide range of researchers in modern conditions of scientific and educational activities is also important. The Workshop contributes to the background of the all-Moscow permanent scientific seminar "Control Science of Autonomous Systems" at the ICS RAS (Moscow, Russia).

Moderator of extraordinary events  Aleksei V. Rozhnov,
– as part of the prolongation of the previously declared thematic area of activity at the seminar
[Workshop “Maturity of artificial intelligence: system integration and management problems”, 2020]

This time, We offer you the opportunity to raise your spirits a little. You may find this useful for your research activity. It is possible that you have watching this masterpiece of contemporary media art, will not underestimate this a truly creative sparkle:

Example: «Russian Cyberpunk Farm // Русская Кибердеревня» ]

Within the framework of these opportunities, a fruitful discussion of practical activities in the media on various issues of creation, development and operation of air, space, sea and land-based robotics was continued. The subject of discussion is not only episodes of stories about such robotic systems, but also monitoring the reaction of stakeholders. The emphasis here is placed on all stages of their life cycle: the accompanying justification of models for describing and evaluating the effectiveness of solving management problems, preliminary decision-making in both designed and operated social and economic systems. The main attention is paid to the use of advanced methods and models of polysyllabic systems with elements of artificial intelligence:

Features and Practice of Representing Robotic Tools and Systems with Elements of Artificial Intelligence in the Media

Keynote Speaker: 
Correspondent-Editor of the RC "Media" Sergey A. Tyurin,
Extramural Graduate Student of the Laboratory "Cyberphysical Systems";
and others

Mentor:  Senior Researcher  Aleksei V. Rozhnov.

The peculiarity of this stage of research is that the author also identified and presented characteristic information, initial data of applied problems of modeling emotional intelligence in the context of identifying the motives and analyzing the reactions of users of the world wide web. The rationale for the practical recommendations is based on a critical reassessment of personal experience of participating in the preparation of diverse stories in previous communications from many points of events from China, and even to the North pole.

Initiative invitation for interested specialists to participate
in a pilot author's pragmatic Project

Project The Hybrid Event

See also: Tyurin S. A. Coverage of domestic and foreign achievements of robotics, cyberphysical systems and other promising intellectualized technologies in modern media / the all-Moscow permanent scientific seminar "Control Science of Autonomous Systems" at the ICS RAS (Moscow, Russia), 2018.06.18 [35] – URL: [archived resource]

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доктор технических наук, профессор РАН  Мещеряков Роман Валерьевич,
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Ссылка на актуальную страницу Общемосковского семинара «Проблемы управления автономными робототехническими комплексами» (ИПУ РАН, Москва):

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кандидат технических наук  Рожнов Алексей Владимирович,
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