Eduard A. Trakhtengerts

Eduard A. Trakhtengerts


Tuesday, June 24, 1924

Passed away: 

Friday, December 22, 2017

Eduard Trakhtengerts, in full Eduard Anatol’evich Trakhtengerts (also transliterated as Trahtengerts), was born on June 24, 1924.

In 1941, he volunteered for the front and traveled a long way of battles from Stalingrad to Berlin. Trakhtengerts was the commander of a Katyusha rocket battery. He was awarded combat orders and medals. After the Great Patriotic War, Trakhtengerts served in the Soviet Army in command and staff posts. He was demobilized from the Chief of Artillery Regiment Staff.

In 1960, Trakhtengerts graduated by correspondence from the Physics and Mathematics Department of Stalingrad Pedagogical Institute. He worked at the Institute of Control Sciences, the USSR (Russian) Academy of Sciences, from 1963 to the last days of his life. Trakhtengerts was Head of the Laboratory of System Programming for about 25 years and then worked there as a Chief Researcher, being the informal academic supervisor of the Laboratory. He was Professor, Dr. Sci. (Eng.), and Honored Man of Science of the Russian Federation. Trakhtengerts published over 200 scientific papers, including 11 monographs. Over 30 dissertations were defended under his supervision. He successfully combined R&D work at the Institute with teaching activities.

Trakhtengerts created and implemented original software development methods for automated control systems and queuing systems. They were described in monographs and journal papers (1967, 1972, and 1974); see the lists below.

His further studies were connected with developing the architecture and programming methods for high-performance computing complexes. The corresponding results were published in monographs and journal papers (1978, 1981, and 1987); see the lists below. The methods proposed were applied in developing the architecture and software for multiprocessor high-performance computing machines.

As Head of the Institute’s Laboratory, Trakhtengerts organized R&D works on many large software development projects for modern (particularly, multiprocessor) computing systems. (At present, the Laboratory is headed by one of his students.) In the Laboratory, Trakhtengerts began to study a topic that subsequently became of great interest to him: Decision Support Systems (DSSs). He elaborated theoretical foundations and developed a methodology for designing such systems, including algorithms for preparing and making decisions. These results were published in 4 monographs (1998, 2003, 2004, and 2005).

Professor Trakhtengerts paid much attention to scientific and organizational work: he was a member of the Institute’s Academic Council and one of the Dissertation Councils and Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Proceedings of the Institute of Control Sciences. He regularly participated in leading scientific conferences in Russia and abroad.

His main books are as follows:

  1. Komp’yuternaya sistema planirovaniya i operativnogo upravleniya evakuatsiei naseleniya pri avariyakh na khimicheski opasnykh ob"ektakh (A Computer System for Planning and Operational Management of Population Evacuation in Accidents at Chemically Hazardous Facilities), Moscow: ICS RAS, 2006. — 103 p. (coauthors A.Yu. Bunatyan, D.A. Kamaev, and V.M. Shershakov);
  2. Komp’yuternye metody podderzhki prinyatiya upravlencheskikh reshenii v neftegazovoi promyshlennosti (Computer Methods of Managerial Decision Support in Oil and Gas Industry), Moscow: SINTEG, 2005. — 592 p. (coauthors Yu.P. Stepin and A.F. Andreev);
  3. Komp’yuternaya podderzhka upravleniya likvidatsiei posledstvii radiatsionnogo vozdeistviya (Computer Decision Support for Eliminating the Consequences of Radiation Impact), Moscow: SINTEG, 2004. — 460 p. (coauthors V.M. Shershakov and D.A. Kamaev);
  4. Komp’yuternaya podderzhka peregovorov pri soglasovanii upravlencheskikh reshenii (Computer Support of Negotiations when Coordinating Managerial Decisions), Moscow: SINTEG, 2003. — 284 p.;
  5. Komp’yuternaya podderzhka prinyatiya reshenii (Computer Support of Decision Making), Moscow: SINTEG, 1998. — 376 p.;
  6. Programmnoe obespechenie parallel’nykh protsessov (Software for Parallel Processes), Moscow: Nauka, 1987. — 271 p.;
  7. Vvedenie v teoriyu analiza i rasparallelivaniya programm EVM v protsesse translyatsii (Introduction to the Theory of Analysis and Paralleling Computer Programs During Translation), Moscow: Nauka, 1981. — 250 p.;
  8. Kak rabotayut operatsionnye sistemy (How Operating Systems Work), Moscow: Nauka, 1978. — 192 p.;
  9. Algoritmy tsentralizovannogo kontrolya i upravleniya proizvodstvom (Algorithms for the Centralized Control and Management of Production), Moscow: Sovetskoe Radio, 1967. — 351 p. (coauthor E.L. Itzkovich).

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