Vladimir N. Burkov

Vladimir N. Burkov


Friday, November 17, 1939

Vladimir Burkov, in full Vladimir Nikolaevich Burkov, was born in 1939. In 1963, he graduated from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT). In 1966, Burkov defended his candidate’s dissertation in engineering; in 1975, his doctoral dissertation in engineering. In 1981, he became Professor in the Department of Control Problems (MIPT). Currently, Burkov is Vice-President of the Russian Project Management Association (SOVNET), the Russian branch of the International Project Management Association (IPMA), and Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and the Georgian Engineering Academy. He was awarded the USSR State Prize, the USSR Council of Ministers Prize, the John von Neumann Prize. Also, he is the Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation.

Burkov is the founder of the theory of active systems. In 1974, he organized the Laboratory of Active Systems at the Institute of Automation and Remote, the USSR Academy of Sciences (nowadays, Trapeznikov Institute of Control Sciences, the Russian Academy of Sciences), and remained its head until 2019. Dozens of doctors and candidates of sciences defended their dissertations under Burkov’s scientific supervision. His followers and their numerous students make up the “large laboratory of active systems,” spread over Russia and almost all countries of the near abroad.

For almost 50 years of developing the theory of active systems, Burkov and his research groups have proposed, studied, and implemented many effective control mechanisms for various problems of control and management arising in the economy and society.

Burkov has over 500 publications in Russian and foreign peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings on the theory of active systems, project management, discrete optimization, and management. His main monographs are as follows:

  1. Introduction to Theory of Control in Organizations, CRC Press, 2017. — 346 p. (coauthors M.V. Goubko, N.A. Korgin, and D.A. Novikov);
  2. Mechanism Design and Management: Mathematical Methods for Smart Organizations, Nova Science, 2013. — 163 p. (coauthors M.V. Goubko, N.A. Korgin, D.A. Novikov, and V.V. Kondrat’ev);
  3. Control Mechanisms for Ecological-Economic Systems, Springer, 2015. — 166 p. (coauthors A.V. Shchepkin and D.A. Novikov);
  4. Mekhanizmy upravleniya: upravlenie organizatsiei: planirovanie, organizatsiya, stimulirovanie, kontrol' (Control Mechanisms: Organizational Management: Planning, Organizing, Motivating, Controlling), Moscow: LENAND, 2013. — 216 p. (coauthors I.V. Burkova, M.V. Goubko, A.V. Shchepkin, D.A. Novikov, N.I. Dinova, A.K. Enaleev, V.V. Kondrat’ev, N.A. Korgin, A.V. Tsvetkov, and A.G. Chkhartishvili);
  5. Mekhanizmy upravleniya ekologo-ekonomicheskimi sistemami (Control Mechanisms for Ecological-Economic Systems), Moscow: Fizmatlit, 2008. — 244 p. (coauthors A.V. Shchepkin and D.A. Novikov);
  6. Modeli i metody upravleniya organizatsionnymi sistemami (Models and Methods to Control Organizational Systems), Moscow, Nauka, 1994. — 270 p. (coauthor V.A. Irikov);
  7. Bolshie sistemy: modelirovanie organizatsionnykh mekhanizmov (Large-Scale Systems: Modeling of Organizational Mechanisms), Moscow: Nauka, 1989. — 246 p. (coauthors B. Danev, A.K. Enaleev, V.V. Kondrat’ev, and A.V. Shchepkin);
  8. Soglasovannoe upravlenie aktivnymi proizvodstvennymi sistemami (Incentive-Compatible Control of Active Production Systems), Moscow: Nauka, 1986. — 248 p. (coauthors A.A. Ashimov, B.A. Dzhaparov, and V.V. Kondrat’ev);
  9. Mekhanizmy funktsionirovaniya organizatsionnykh sistem (Operation Mechanisms of Organizational Systems), Moscow: Nauka, 1981. — 384 p. (coauthor V.V. Kondrat’ev);
  10. Osnovy matematicheskoi teorii aktivnykh sistem (Foundations of the Mathematical Theory of Active Systems), Moscow: Nauka, 1977. — 255 p.

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