Laboratory No. 3

A.A. AmbartsumianLaboratory of Logical Control System Design Methods.

Head of Laboratory                  A.A. Ambartsumian

Event model theoretical basis design for modeling of manufacturing processes and developing of designing methods of automated control systems:
1. Design of event model of flow type manufacturing process.
2. Developing of control methods of technological process on event model base.
3. Desing of logic models of flow manufacturing processes.
4. Research and developing of a typical architectual solution for distributed automated control systems for flow manufacturing process.
5. Research of personnel's role in modeling in complex technological process control.
6. Developing of construction principles for instrument of design and realization of distributed automation system for technological process control (for SCADA).
Research and developing of construction methods of event models of complex technological process control for the purpose maintaining  safety and efficiency of potential accident line productions.