Vladislav Yu. Rutkovskii

Vladislav Yu. Rutkovskii


Saturday, April 20, 1929

Passed away: 

Friday, March 24, 2023

Vladislav Rutkovskii, in full Vladislav Yul’evich Rutkovskii (also transliterated as Rutkovsky), was a well-known scientist in the theory and systems of automatic control. He was born in Pereslavl-Zalessky (the Yaroslavl Region) in the family of doctors.

Having graduated with honors from Moscow Aviation Institute (1952), Rutkovskii joined the Institute of Automation and Remote Control (IARC), the USSR Academy of Sciences. In 1957, Rutkovskii defended his candidate’s dissertation; in 1965, his doctoral dissertation. In 1968, he became Professor.

His first R&D works were devoted to thrust control of liquid-propellant rocket engines and ballistic rocket control based on engine thrust mismatch.

Rutkovskii’s publications on the dynamics of nonlinear servomechanisms with delay are widely known.

He is considered a founder of the theory of adaptive systems with a model. Rutkovskii participated in developing and implementing the first Soviet self-adaptive control systems for two classes of rockets.

In addition, Rutkovskii established fundamental results in the principles and theory of control systems for deformable spacecraft and multilevel control systems theory.

From 1958 to 1994, Rutkovskii taught basic courses at the Department of Aircraft Control Systems (Moscow Aviation Institute).

For a long time, he was a member of the IFAC Technical Committee on Space and worked in the Higher Attestation Commission (HAC). Also, Rutkovskii served in two peer-reviewed journals, Automation and Remote Control (as a member of the editorial board and the editorial council) and Izvestiya RAN. Teoriya i Sistemy Upravleniya (as a member of the editorial board).

Until the last days of his life, Rutkovskii was a member of the National Committee on Automatic Control. He supervised one of the Institute’s scientific schools, was a member of the Institute’s Academic Council (and headed one of its sections). Also, he was a deputy chairman of an Institute’s dissertation council.

Rutkovskii deserved authority in many organizations engaged in aircraft control systems design. His works are generally recognized in Russia and abroad.


Order of the Badge of Honor (1961), Order of Friendship (2011)
The USSR State Prize (1970, 1981)
Honored Man of Science of the Russian Federation (1996)
The Petrov Gold Medal (1983)
The Tsiolkovsky Prize of the Russian Academy of Sciences (2011)

Rutkovskii’s main books are as follows:

  1. Problemy upravleniya slozhnymi dinamicheskimi ob"ektami aviatsionnoi i kosmicheskoi tekhniki (Control Problems for Complex Dynamic Objects of Aerospace Technology), Moscow: Mashinostroenie, 2015. — 519 p. (coauthors S.N. Vassilyev, V.I. Vasil’ev, V.M. Glumov, O.E. Danilin, V.N. Evdokimenkov, S.V. Zhernakov, B.G. Il’yasov, M.N. Krasil’shchikov, R.A. Munasypov, V.I. Petunin, G.A. Saitova, V.M. Sukhanov, A.B. Filimonov, N.B. Filimonov, and A.I. Frid);
  2. Akademik Boris Nikolaevich Petrov (Academician Boris Nikolaevich Petrov), Moscow: Nauka, 2013. — 186 p. (coauthor A.P. Kurdyukov);
  3. Mnogorezhimnyi svobodnoletayushchii kosmicheskii manipulyatsionnyi robot: uravneniya dvizheniya, upravlenie, programmnoe obespechenie (Multimode Free-Flying Space Manipulator: Motion Equations, Control, and Software), Moscow: Trapeznikov Institute of Control Sciences RAS, 2011. — 160 p. (coauthors V.M. Sukhanov and V.M. Glumov);
  4. 70 let teorii invariantnosti (70 Years of Invariance Theory), Moscow: LKI, 2008. — 254 p. (coauthors S.N. Vassilyev, Z.M. Lezina, L.I. Rozonoer, V.M. Kuntsevich, A.G. Butkovskii, A.V. Proskurnikov, V.A. Yakubovich, E.M. Solnechnyi, S.F. Konovalov, and M.Sh. Misrikhanov);
  5. Adaptivnye sistemy upravleniya gazoturbinnymi dvigatelyami letatel’nykh apparatov (Adaptive Control Systems for Gas-Turbine Aircraft Engines), Moscow: Moscow Aviation Institute, 1994. — 224 p. (coauthors B.G. Il’yasov, Yu.S. Kabal’nov, L.A. Bolotovskaya, and I.I. Parfenov);
  6. Adaptivnye sistemy avtomaticheskogo upravleniya letatel’nymi apparatami (Adaptive Automatic Control Systems for Aerial Vehicles), Moscow: Mashinostroenie, 1988. — 208 p. (coauthors N.I. Sokolov and N.B. Sudzilovskii);
  7. Mnogourovnevoe upravlenie dinamicheskimi ob"ektami (Multilevel Control of Dynamic Objects), Moscow: Nauka, 1987. — 309 p. (coauthors V.I. Vasil’ev, Yu.M. Gusev, V.N. Efanov, V.G. Krymskii, and V.A. Semeran);
  8. Adaptivnoe koordinatno-parametricheskoe upravlenie nestatsionarnymi ob"ektami (Adaptive Coordinate-Parametric Control of Nonstationary Objects), Moscow: Nauka, 1980. — 244 p. (coauthors B.N. Petrov and S.D. Zemlyakov);
  9. Printsipy postroeniya i proektirovaniya samonastraivayushchikhsya sistem upravleniya (Design Principles for Self-Adaptive Control Systems), Moscow: Mashinostroenie, 1972. — 260 p. (B.N. Petrov, I.N. Krutova, and S.D. Zemlyakov);
  10. Dinamika nelineinykh servomekhanizmov (Dynamics of Nonlinear Servomechanisms), Moscow: the USSR Academy of Sciences, 1959. — 320 p. (coauthors N.S. Gorskaya and I.N. Krutova).

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