Avenir A. Voronov

Avenir A. Voronov


Monday, November 28, 1910

Passed away: 

Saturday, October 17, 1992

Avenir Voronov, in full Avenir Arkad’evich Voronov, was a leading scientist in the field of control, a talented teacher, Full Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and Laureate of the Lenin Prize.

Voronov began his scientific activities at the Institute of Automation and Remote Control (IARC), the USSR Academy of Sciences, where he worked as a junior researcher, Head of a laboratory, and Deputy Director. Employees of Voronov’s laboratory remember him as an amazing person. The author of one of the most popular textbooks on automatic control in the USSR and a living “classic,” he was an ordinary person in communication: friendly, polite, modest, and decent.

In 1970, Voronov was elected Full Member of the USSR Academy of Sciences (without correspondence membership); he headed the Institute of Automation and Control Processes, the Far Eastern Research Center, the USSR Academy of Sciences and simultaneously became Deputy Chairman of the Presidium of the Far Eastern Branch, the USSR Academy of Sciences. At the new post, Voronov managed to organize a full-fledged and (still) viable academic institute in difficult conditions (insufficient scientific personnel and a lack of material resources). In 1980, he returned to Moscow and worked at the Institute for Systems Analysis, the USSR Academy of Sciences.

Voronov contributed to the theory and means of automatic control and created his scientific school in the field. His first works concerned the theory of autopilots and the analysis of complex modes in thermo-barometric and control systems for power generators. Subsequently, Voronov obtained significant results for processes in electric control systems. He developed effective design methods for transients in linear systems and analysis methods for self-oscillations in nonlinear systems. Voronov paid much attention to modeling control in complex power systems.

Voronov became one of the pioneers in developing computerized numerical control systems for metal-working machines.

In the last years of his life, Voronov was actively involved in resource management and system analysis problems.

Many scientific results were summarized in his widely known monographs: Ustoichivost’, upravlyaemost’, nablyudaemost’ (Stability, Controllability, Observability), Moscow: Nauka, 1979, and Vvedenie v dinamiku slozhnykh upravlyaemykh system (An Introduction to the Dynamics of Complex Controlled Systems), Moscow: Nauka, 1985.

Voronov was a talented teacher and the author of the first textbook on automatic control theory: many generations of students, postgraduates, and engineers studied using his Osnovy avtomaticheskogo upravleniya (Foundations of Automatic Control). He continuously improved the textbook; the three-volume version has been especially popular.

Voronov was a high-intelligent and charming man. He attracted young people. Those who knew Voronov remember how attentively he treated people, how he took care of colleagues, and how he helped them in difficult situations.

Voronov’s main books are as follows:

  1. Teoriya avtomaticheskogo upravleniya. Chast’ 2 (Automatic Control Theory. Part 2), Moscow: Vysshaya Shkola, 1986. — 504 p. (coauthors D.P. Kim, V.M. Lokhin, I.M. Makarov, and P.N. Popovich);
  2. Teoriya avtomaticheskogo upravleniya. Chast’ 1 (Automatic Control Theory. Part 1), Moscow: Vysshaya Shkola, 1986. — 367 p. (coauthors N.A. Babakov, A.A. Voronova, G.A. Diduk, N.D. Dmitrieva, D.P. Kim, B.M. Menskii, and P.N. Popovich);
  3. Vvedenie v dinamiku slozhnykh upravlyaemykh sistem (An Introduction to the Dynamics of Complex Controlled Systems), Moscow: Nauka, 1985. — 352 p.;
  4. Osnovy teorii avtomaticheskogo upravleniya: Osobye lineinye i nelineinye sistemy (Foundations of Automatic Control Theory: Special Linear and Nonlinear Systems), Moscow: Energoizdat, 1981. — 304 p.;
  5. Osnovy avtomaticheskogo upravleniya. Avtomaticheskoe regulirovanie nepreryvnykh lineinykh sistem (Foundations of Automatic Control Theory. Automatic Regulation of Continuous Linear Systems), Moscow: Energiya, 1980. — 312 p.;
  6. Teoreticheskie osnovy postroeniya avtomatizirovannykh sistem upravleniya. Razrabotka tekhnicheskogo zadaniya (Theoretical Foundations of Designing Automated control systems. Technical Specifications), Moscow: Nauka, 1977. — 231 p. (coauthors G.A. Kondrat’ev and Yu.V. Chistyakov);
  7. Osnovy teorii avtomaticheskogo regulirovaniya (Foundations of Automatic Regulation Theory), Moscow: Vysshaya Shkola, 1977. — 519 p. (coauthor V.K. Titov);
  8. Osnovy teorii avtomaticheskogo upravleniya. Chast’ 3 (Foundations of Automatic Control Theory. Part 3), Leningrad: Energiya, 1970. — 328 p.;
  9. Osnovy teorii avtomaticheskogo upravleniya (Foundations of Automatic Control Theory), Moscow: Energiya, 1966. — 364 p.
  10. Osnovy teorii avtomaticheskogo upravleniya (Foundations of Automatic Control Theory), Moscow: Energiya, 1965. — 396 p.
  11. Tsifrovye analogi dlya sistem avtomaticheskogo upravleniya (tsifrovye raznostnye analizatory) (Digital Analogs for Automatic Control Systems (Digital Difference Analyzers)), Moscow: the USSR Academy of Sciences, 1960. — 195 p. (coauthors A.R. Garbuzov, B.L. Ermilov, M.B. Ignat’ev, G.G. Kornitenko, G.N. Sokolov, and S.-Z. Yan);
  12. Elementy teorii avtomaticheskogo regulirovaniya (Elements of Automatic Control Theory), Moscow: the War Ministry of the USSR, 1954. — 470 p.;
  13. Rele i apparatura avtomatiki (Relays and Automatic Equipment), Moscow: Bauman Moscow State Technical University, 1949. — 215 p.

They are presented in the Institute’s database:

The list of journal papers by Voronov is available at Math-Net.Ru:

1. A. A. Voronov, Design of Minimal Modal Controllers That Act on the Basis of the Measurable Input and Output of a Linear Object, Avtomat. i Telemekh., 1993, 2,  34—51      Autom. Remote Control54:2 (1993), 198—213.
2. A. A. Voronov, Design of Modal Controllers That Act on the Basis of Measured Output and Input of a Linear Plant, Dokl. Akad. Nauk325:4 (1992),  674—678      Dokl. Math., 37:8 (1992), 389—391.
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4. A. A. Voronov, R. S. Gol’dman, and V. I. Il’ichev, Algorithmic Methods in Forecasting the Fishing Areas, Avtomat. i Telemekh., 1985, 6,  117—127.  
5. A. A. Voronov, M. F. Ivanov, and V. L. Perchuk, On a Method of Organizing the Data Bank for a Long Term Forecasting, Dokl. Akad. Nauk SSSR275:3 (1984),  562—565.  
6. A. A. Voronov, Stability Theory: State of Art and Problems, Avtomat. i Telemekh., 1982, 5,  5—28      Autom. Remote Control43:5 (1982), 573—592.
7. A. A. Voronov, Absolutely Stable Systems with a Differentiable Nondecreasing Nonlinearity, Avtomat. i Telemekh., 1978, 7,  12—18    Autom. Remote Control39:7 (1978), 947—952.
8. A. A. Voronov, Systems with Differentiable Nondecreasing Nonlinearity Which Are Absolutely Stable in the Hurwitz Angle, Dokl. Akad. Nauk SSSR234:1 (1977),  38—41.      
9. A. A. Voronov, Approximate Solutions to Almost-Continuous Amplitude-Impulse Systems of Linear Equations, Dokl. Akad. Nauk SSSR223:5 (1975),  1087—1090.      


The list of his papers in Avtomatika i Telemekhanika can be found at:

For their English versions, see the microfilm collection of Automation and Remote Control:

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