Mikhail V. Meerov

Mikhail V. Meerov


Saturday, August 5, 1911

Passed away: 

Tuesday, May 4, 2004

Mikhail Meerov, in full Mikhail Vladimirovich Meerov, was born in 1911 in Ukraine. In 1938, he graduated from Kharkiv Electrotechnical Institute. From 1946 to 1991, he worked at the Institute of Automation and Remote Control (IARC), the USSR Academy of Sciences (nowadays, Trapeznikov Institute of Control Sciences, the Russian Academy of Sciences). Starting as Senior Researcher, Meerov became Head of Laboratory No. 19 (Multivariate Control Systems) in 1962.

Meerov’s research was characterized by the clarity of considerations for physical processes and the rigor of modern mathematical methods applied. His candidate’s dissertation was devoted to automatic voltage control of electric generators; Meerov established sufficient conditions under which all roots of the characteristic equation of a closed-loop control system are real-valued and negative (control processes are aperiodic).

In 1947, Meerov defended his doctoral dissertation entitled “Automatic Control Systems Stable under an Arbitrarily Small Static Error and Tracking Systems Stable under an Arbitrarily Small Dynamic Error.” He obtained sufficient conditions for the stability of a control system under zero coefficients at the senior derivatives of the characteristic equation. Those results were fundamental for the automatic control theory: it became possible to estimate the effect of small parameters on the stability of control systems.

In 1962, Meerov headed the Laboratory of Multivariate Control Systems at IARC. He was a generally recognized leader in multivariate control systems. Many all-Union and international conferences and symposia were held under his guidance.

In contrast to autonomous control, Meerov’s R&D works were characterized by the maximum use of internal structural links of multivariate objects to design high-quality control systems. One of the main applications of his ideas was the development of optimal oil recovery control systems.

In the pioneering works of Meerov and his colleagues, original methods were developed to determine optimal operation modes of oil wells (the maximum total oil production under technical and economic constraints).

Meerov published about 200 journal papers and 12 monographs.

Meerov successfully combined research with teaching. From the early 1960s, he held a professorship at the Moscow Institute of Petrochemical and Gas Industry and headed the Department of Automation and Remote Control. New generations of famous scientists grew up under his guidance.

Meerov’s main books are as follows:

  1. Mnogosvyaznye sistemy upravleniya (Multivariate Control Systems), Moscow: Nauka, 1990. — 264 p. (coauthors A.V. Akhmetzyanov, Ya.M. Bershchanskii, V.N. Kulibanov, M.Yu. Levit, O.Yu. Pershin, and A.V. Cherepakhin);
  2. Upravlenie razrabotkoi neftyanykh mestorozhdenii (Management of Oil Field Development), Moscow: Nedra, 1983. — 309 p. (coauthors Ya.M. Bershchanskii, V.N. Kulibanov, and O.Yu. Pershin);
  3. Osnovy avtomaticheskogo upravleniya (Foundations of Automatic Control), Moscow: Nedra, 1979. — 488 p. (coauthors Yu.N. Mikhailov and V.G. Fridman);
  4. Optimizatsiya sistem mnogosvyaznogo upravleniya (Optimization of Multivariate Control Systems), Moscow: Nauka, 1972. — 344 p. (coauthor B.L. Litvak);
  5. Osnovy avtomaticheskogo upravleniya (Foundations of Automatic Control), Moscow: Nedra, 1972. — 752 p. (coauthors Yu.N. Mikhailov and V.G. Fridman);
  6. Sistemy mnogosvyaznogo regulirovaniya (Multivariate Control Systems), Moscow: Nauka, 1965. — 384 p.
  7. Teoriya avtomaticheskogo regulirovaniya i avtoregulyatory (Theory of Automatic Regulation and Autoregulators), Moscow: Gostoptekhizdat, 1963. — 416 p. (coauthor V.G. Dianov);
  8. Sintez struktur sistem avtomaticheskogo regulirovaniya vysokoi tochnosti (Structural Synthesis of High-Accuracy Automatic Control Systems), Moscow: Fizmatgiz, 1959. — 284 p.;
  9. Vvedenie v dinamiku avtomaticheskogo regulirovaniya elektricheskikh mashin (Introduction to the Dynamics of Automatic Regulation of Electrical Machines), Moscow: the USSR Academy of Sciences, 1956. — 418 p.

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Articles about M.V. Meerov

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