Alexander B. Chelyustkin

Alexander B. Chelyustkin


Sunday, July 13, 1913

Passed away: 

Monday, March 1, 1976

Alexander Chelyustkin, in full Alexander Borisovich Chelyustkin, was a leading expert in metallurgy automation, Professor, and Dr. Sci. (Eng.). He worked at the Institute of Automation and Remote Control (IARC), the USSR Academy of Sciences, from 1956 to 1976. Interestingly, Chelyustkin came from an ancient noble family, whose lineage was traced by him to 1547, when Ivan Chelyust’kin, Head of the Streltsy, was born. Cape Chelyuskin (as well as the famous Soviet icebreaker and polar expedition) was named in honor of Semen Chelyuskin, his distant relative.

Chelyustkin joined the Institute in 1956. He made a career from Junior Researcher to Head of Laboratory No. 18 and Deputy Director of the Institute.

Chelyustkin published 10 books and over 60 papers. He authored or coauthored more than 25 inventions.

In his life, R&D works were organically combined with teaching. For many years, Chelyustkin was Professor at the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys.

Chelyustkin remained in the memory of generations as a prominent scientist and teacher and a talented science and public organizer. He was Chairman of the Institute’s local trade union committee, Deputy Dean of the Department of Rolling Production Automation at Moscow People’s University, Chairman of the Znanie cell, Chairman of the Institute’s philosophical seminar, Chairman of the Scientific and Technical Committee of the USSR National Committee for Automatic Control, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Automation and Remote Control, and Deputy Chairman of the Council at Sovetskoe Radio, a USSR’s publishing house.

Chelyustkin represented the Soviet Union abroad with dignity and honor. During the Great Patriotic War, from 1943 to 1945, he was on an important business trip to the USA. In the last years of his life, Chelyustkin worked at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (Vienna, Austria).

Chelyustkin was awarded the Order of the Badge of Honor and many medals. In 1948, he received the USSR State Prize for the automation of rolling mills.

Deeply erudite, bright, principled, and friendly to people, Chelyustkin was sincerely respected and loved by his environment.

Chelyustkin’s main books are as follows:

  1. Sistemnoe upravlenie proizvodstvom (System Management of Production), Moscow: Nauka, 1971. — 134 p.;
  2. Avtomatizatsiya protsessov prokatnogo proizvodstva (Automation of Rolling Production Processes), Moscow: Metallurgy, 1971. — 296 p.;
  3. Primenenie vychislitel’noi tekhniki dlya upravleniya metallurgicheskimi agregatami (Application of Computing Machines to Control Metallurgical Units), Moscow: Metallurgizdat, 1960. — 187 p.;
  4. Problemnye voprosy avtomatizatsii metallurgicheskoi promyshlennosti (Problems in the Automation of Metallurgical Industry), Moscow: Metallurgizdat, 1960. — 69 p.;
  5. Avtomatizatsiya proizvodstvennykh protsessov (Automation of Production Processes), Moscow: the USSR Academy of Sciences, 1956. — 478 p. (coauthors V.A. Trapeznikov, Yu.V. Kozin, I.I. Livshits, L.V. Grinshpun, A.V. Ivanov, M.A. Bastunskii, A.S. Bogatikov, V.A. Bekenshtein, V.I. Feigin, V.M. Popov, I.A. Burovoi, S.G. Puchkov, B.M. Kleshk, G.V. Korendyasev, B.M. Zvenigorodskii, G.M. Krichevskii, M.Ya. Sherman, A.V. Lyubimov, V.Yu. Kaganov, V.V. Vorobei, Yu.E. Efraimovich, A.L. Kogan, A.I. Tselikov, V.I. Arkhangel’skii, G.T. Budovoi, D.T. Vorob’ev, A.S. Virnovskii, G.S. Gazyan, P.A. Ivankov, E.S. Kostin, S.V. Nesmelov, A.V. Sinel’nikov, N.N. Elshin, N.Ya. Festa, M.S. Voroshilov, P.P. Kremlevskii, A.I. Leontenkov, G.S. Drabkin, and A.I. Zimin);
  6. Avtomaticheskoe upravlenie prokatnymi stanami (Automatic Control of Rolling Mills), Moscow: Metallurgiya, 1955. — 614 p. (coauthor E.A. Rozenman);
  7. Elektroavtomatika prokatnykh stanov (Electric Automation Means of Rolling Mills), Moscow: State Scientific and Technical Publishing House of Literature of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metallurgy, 1952. — 280 p.;
  8. Avtomaticheskoe upravlenie prokatnymi stanami (Automatic Control of Rolling Mills), Moscow: Metallurgiya, 1950. — 483 p. (coauthor E.A. Rozenman).

The books are presented in the Institute’s database:Челюсткин

Two journal papers by Chelyustkin can be found at Math-Net.Ru:

1. T. A. Koinov, Ya. S. Masal’skii, A. B. Chelyustkin, Optimal Control of Continuous Steel Poring and Hot Rolling as a Flux, Avtomat. i Telemekh., 1977, 1,  168—178.  
2. G. G. Grigoryan, T. A. Koinov, A. B. Chelyustkin, Control of Hot Rolling Condition in Continuous Wide Strip Mills, Avtomat. i Telemekh., 1975, 2,  167–175.

The list of his papers in Avtomatika i Telemekhanika can be found at:

For their English versions, see the microfilm collection of Automation and Remote Control:

Many inventions by Chelyustkin are available at:

Publications about A.B. Chelyustkin

1. A. B. Chelyustkin (obituary)Avtomat. i Telemekh., 1976, no. 7, 190.

In addition, see the Wikipedia page devoted to Chelyustkin:Челюсткин,_Александр_Борисович

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