Nikita V. Pozin

Nikita V. Pozin

Passed away: 

Wednesday, April 27, 1977

Nikita Pozin, in full Nikita Vladimirovich Pozin, joined the Institute of Automation and Remote Control (IARC), the USSR Academy of Sciences, after graduating from Moscow Power Engineering Institute in 1951. He worked in Laboratory No. 4 (Remote Control and Sensoring), headed by Dr. Sci. (Eng.) V.A. Il’in. Initially, Pozin was engaged in developing remote sensing systems and studying the noise immunity of remote sensing signals with pulse-width modulation (PWM).

After defending his candidate’s dissertation, Pozin focused on the transformation of informational signals in living organisms. In the early 1970s, on his initiative and with the support of B.S. Sotskov, the Bionics group was organized. Later, it was enlarged into the Laboratory of Bionics (headed by N.V. Pozin, Cand. Sci. (Eng.)) to investigate a wider range of problems.

Pozin organized R&D works of the Laboratory in close cooperation with leading physiologists G.V. Gershuni (Pavlov Institute of Physiology) and E.I. Sokolov (Moscow State University), experts in the functioning of the nervous system areas responsible for auditory and visual perception. The first significant result was the development of a physical model of a neuron considering all the informational properties of a real neuron. Based on the analysis of the proposed model, Pozin formulated an important concept as follows: a nerve cell is a unified element, and the entire variety of real neuron properties observed by physiologists is determined by the neuron’s location in the neural network and the organization of connections with its neighbor elements.

Subsequently, the conceptual models of the auditory and visual systems were developed. The Laboratory was recognized as a leader in the USSR in the corresponding research area.

Based on the R&D results, Pozin et al. published the monograph Elementy teorii biologicheskikh analizatorov (Elements of the Theory of Biological Analyzers), Moscow: Nauka, 1978. Some algorithms simulating information processing in the auditory and visual systems were developed and applied in acoustic signal analysis and medical diagnosis.

Pozin’s books are as follows:

  1. Elementy teorii biologicheskikh analizatorov (Elements of the Theory of Biological Analyzers), Moscow: Nauka, 1978. — 360 p. (coauthors I.A. Lyubinskii, O.V. Levashov, G.A. Sharaev, L.A. Shmelev, and L.A. Yakhno);
  2. Modelirovanie neironnykh struktur (Modeling of Neural Structures), Moscow: Nauka, 1970. — 260 p.

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Articles about N.V. Pozin

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