Stanislav V. Emelyanov

Stanislav V. Emelyanov


Saturday, May 18, 1929

Passed away: 

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Stanislav Emelyanov, in full Stanislav Vasil’evich Emelyanov, was born on May 18, 1929, in Voronezh. His father, Vasily M. Emelyanov, was a military man; his mother, Lyudmila G. Chipkova, was a teacher. In 1947, he graduated from General Secondary School no. 118 in the city of Nikolaev.

From 1947 to 1952, Emelyanov studied at the Department of Instrumentation and Aircraft Control Systems (Moscow Aviation Institute); from 1953 to 1957, in the graduate school at the Institute of Automation and Remote Control (the USSR Academy of Sciences) in off-work hours. Nowadays, this is Trapeznikov Institute of Control Sciences, the Russian Academy of Sciences (ICS RAS).

In 1952, Emelyanov joined the Institute of Automation and Remote Control, making a career from an engineer to Deputy Director for Science (1967—1975). Since 1976, he worked at All-Union Research Institute for Systems Study (VNIISI, the USSR Academy of Sciences). Presently, this is Institute for Systems Analysis, the Russian Academy of Sciences (ISA RAS). From 1993 to 2003, Emelyanov was Director of ISA RAS. From 1977 to 2002, he was Director General of International Research Institute for Advanced Systems (IRIAS). This organization was established at VNIISI (1976) based on an international team of researchers. Till 2018, Emelyanov was a scientific supervisor of ISA RAS and IRIAS.

Since 1989, he headed the Department of Nonlinear Dynamic Systems and Control Processes (the Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics, Moscow State University). In 1998, Emelyanov became Honorary Professor of the University; in1999, Professor Emeritus of the University.

In 1958, Emelyanov defended his candidate’s dissertation in engineering entitled Automatic Variable Structure Control Systems; in 1964, his doctoral dissertation in engineering entitled The Theory of Variable Structure Control Systems. In 1966, he became Professor.

In 1970, Emelyanov was elected Corresponding Member of the USSR Academy of Sciences; in 1984, Full Member of the USSR Academy of Sciences. From 1992 to 2002, he served Academician-Secretary of the Department of Information, Computer Science and Automation (RAS). Until the last days of his life, Emelyanov was Deputy Academician-Secretary of the Department of Nanotechnology and Information Technology (RAS) and Head of the Section of Information Technology and Automation. He was also elected IEEE Member, Foreign Member of the Academy of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Honorary Doctor of the University of Sarajevo, and Member of the New York Academy of Sciences.

Emelyanov received the Lenin Prize (1972), the USSR State Prize (1980), the USSR Council of Ministers Prize (1981), the Russian Federation State Prize (1994), the Andronov Prize of the RAS Presidium (2000), and the Lomonosov Prize of Moscow State University in Science (2002).

Emelyanov was awarded the Order of the October Revolution (1974), the Order of Friendship of Peoples (1979), the Order “For Merit to the Fatherland” (class IV (1999) and class III (2004)), the Order of Cyril and Methodius (Bulgaria), and the Order of Merit (Poland).

Emelyanov was a member of the editorial boards of several RAS journals: Automation and Remote Control, Differential Equations, and Doklady RAN. Also, he was Editor-in-Chief of other RAS journals: Information Technology and Computing Systems, Artificial Intelligence and Decision Theory, and Informatics and Applications. He was Chairman of the Council on Mathematics at the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation and a member of academic and special councils at Moscow State University and ISA RAS.

Emelyanov’s main results were obtained in the following research areas: the theory of variable structure systems, the theory of binary control and new feedback types, global controllability and stabilization of nonlinear systems, system modeling and system design of automation means, geometric analysis methods for nonlinear systems, and robust stability and stabilization of uncertain systems.

In his candidate’s dissertation, Emelyanov solved a central problem of automation: control of an object with strong parameter variability. For the first time in the world’s practice, it became possible to use unstable motions and structures regularly to improve the quality of transients in automatic control systems.

In the 1960s, Emelyanov and his followers developed the theory of automatic variable structure control systems (VSCSs). This theory involves sliding modes to ensure the complete independence of motion equations from uncertainty factors (their invariance parameter with respect to perturbations and external forces). Within the theory of VSCSs, the following topical problems of general control theory were effectively solved: stabilization of strongly uncertain systems; design of an astatic arbitrary-order tracking system; filtering and differentiation under an unknown noise intensity; decomposition in multivariate systems; optimization under unknown gradients of an objective function and constraint functions; the basic problems of invariance theory; control problems under various constraints and parameter identification for dynamic systems. In 1972, Emelyanov was awarded the Lenin Prize in Science and Technology for the cycle of research works on VSCSs.

In the 1970s, Emelyanov was engaged in complex automation. Under his guidance, a complex of technical means was developed for the local information and control systems of VSCSs (the so-called KTS-LIUS-SUPS). This complex was based on VSCSs and included 40 local automation devices. It was serially produced for dozens of years. Emelyanov supervised the complex automation of technological processes at West-Siberian Metal Works, receiving the Prize of the USSR Council of Ministers (1981). He implemented autopilots for one class of aircraft, receiving the USSR State Prize (1981).

In 1975, Emelyanov and Academician D.M. Gvishiani organized All-Union Research Institute for Systems Study (VNIISI; nowadays, Institute for Systems Analysis, ISA RAS). VNIISI focused on large complex projects requiring an interdisciplinary approach. In the institute, he led R&D works on global and simulation modeling, mathematical methods of information science and control, and systems analysis.

Emelyanov’s research on a new type of nonlinear feedback laws, later called the coordinate-operator feedback (1981—1991), formed a new line of the modern feedback theory. This theory yielded original control methods under uncertainty and elucidated the general mechanism of control laws design under insufficient information. The invariance theory was also treated in a new way, and it became possible to complete the theory of discrete and digital VSCSs. In 1994, the series of research works on the new feedback types was awarded the State Prize of the Russian Federation for Science and Technology.

In the 1990s, Emelyanov proposed mathematical methods for studying complex dynamical systems, including robust stability, control of chaotic dynamics, the localization of unstable cycles, and control of bilinear systems. The corresponding research was awarded the Andronov Prize of the RAS Presidium (2000) and the Lomonosov Prize of Moscow State University in Science (1st degree, 2002).

Emelyanov founded a famous scientific school. He trained more than 30 Doctors and 70 Candidates of Sciences. Among his students, there are Academicians and Corresponding Members of RAS and other academies as well as heads of institutes and companies.

For many years, Emelyanov tutored at Moscow State University with the following courses: Introduction to the Theory of Feedback Laws and Mathematical Foundations of the Theory of Automatic Control Systems.

Emelyanov authored 18 books and over 250 papers and received 70 patents for inventions. His main monographs are as follows:

  1. Selected Proceedings (to the 85th Anniversary): Automatic Control Systems with Variable Structure. System Design of Automation Means. Binary Systems. New Feedback Types, Moscow: URSS, 2014. — 512 p.;
  2. Teoriya i praktika prognozirovaniya v sistemakh upravleniya (Theory and Practice of Forecasting in Control Systems), Kemerovo—Moscow: Rossiiskie Universitety, 2008. — 487 p. (coauthors L.P. Myshlyaev and S.K. Korovin);
  3. Homotopy of Extremal Problems. Theory and Applications, Berlin: Walter de Gruyter GmbH, 2007. — 303 p. (coauthors S.K. Korovin, N.A. Bobylev, and A.V. Bulatov);
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