The Scientific Council

As its basic «legislative» body, the Scientific Council has invariably played a tremendous part in the life of the Institute’s personnel. It makes most important decisions in all kinds of the Institute’s activities and structure, personnel and economic issues, awarding scientific titles, evaluating the activities of the entire Institute s and its divisions, awarding prizes named after outstanding researchers Academicians v. S. Kulebakin and B. N. Petrov; Academy of Sciences Corresponding Members M. A. Gavrilov, A. M. Letov and B. S. Sotskov and others. Its meetings discuss burning issues in today’s control theory and applications.

At various times Scientific Council members were well-known researchers such as Academicians A. A. Andronov, A. I. Berg, N. A. Kuznetsov, v. S. Kulebakin, O. I. Larichev, A. A. Lebedev, N. N. Luzin, I. M. Makarov, B. N. Naumov, B. N. Petrov, I.v. Prangishvili,v. S. Pugachev, v. A. Trapeznikov, Ya. Z. Tsypkin, S. N. Vassilyev, A. A. Voronov and S.v. Yemel’yanov; Academy Corresponding Members O. I. Aven, M. A. Gavrilov, v. I. Kovalenkov, A. M. Letov, D. A. Novikov, P. P. Parkhomenko, Ye. S. Pyatnitsky and B. S. Sotskov; Professorss D. I. Ageikin, M. A. Aizerman, A. A. Bulgakov, v. N. Burkov, A. G. Butkovsky, A. A. Dorofeyuk, A. A. Feldbaumv. Yu. Kneller, B.Ya. Kogan, M. A. Krasnosel’sky, v. F. Krotov, v. V. Kul’ba, O. P. Kuznetsov, A.Ya. Lerner, v. L. Lossiyevsky, , B. T. Polyak, L. I. Rozonoer, v. Yu. Rutkovsky, v. V. Solodovnikov, N. P. Vasilyeva and numerous others.

At present there are 33 members of the Scientific Council. Because the Institute is engaged in research in numerous scientific fields, it has seven sections that are in charge of coordinating the activities of laboratories.

The Council’s structure shown in the preceding page cannot represent all formal ties between the Council and laboratories, especially because quite a few laboratories do research in fields and lines of research covered by several Sections.