Laboratory № 38


Laboratory of Incomplete Data Control.

Head of Laboratory E.P. MaslovE.P. Maslov

Statistical analysis of extremal events and its application telecommunication data.
Control of moving objects under artificial incomplete information and counteraction.
Optimization of control processes in dynamic systems with active singular phases of their moving.
Research of resources allocation and control mechanisms in living organism, which influence its life span.
Development of methods for population health analysis and genome site recognition, influencing on human health, aging and longevity.
Methods of dependence detection and dependence reconstruction by heavy-tailed data.
Epidemiologic situation modeling in the case of infection carriers aging.
Fundamental and applied aspects of research, measurements and control of health. Computer technology system for dataware of health control process.
Estimation of efficiency of energy plant control and projection of energy demand by commercial and noncommercial customers.
Development and research of technologies of air quality control in the objects with artificial human environments.

  • Tumor growth modeling and development of optimal control strategies for treatment of oncological diseases by different methods - high-dosage chemotherapy, super-small dosage chemotherapy, hyperthermia of tumor by magnetic nanoparticles, etc.
  • Acoustic and speech signals analysis, front-end processing and study of acoustic informative cues.