Laboratory № 1



Laboratory of Dynamics of Control Systems

A.P. Kurdyukov

Head of Laboratory                     A.P. Kurdyukov

1.Research and development of new principles for moving object control based on informational criteria (criteria borrowed from the information theory) for systems subject to parametric and stochastic external disturbances.  Development of fixed-order controllers optimizing some informational criteria. Development of principles and algorithms for design of optimal control systems based on criterion of system full energy minimum. Application of these theoretic results to design of robust control algorithms for moving objects, in particular, flying vehicle control.

2.Development of informating-controlling  intelligent systems (ICIS) for complex technical plants and man-machine complexes, mainly, for aerospace systems. Research and development of real-time on-board ICIS for flying vehicle subject to resource degradation, external disturbances, and self-sufficient operation. Research of principles for designing on-board ICIS on the base of hybrid expert real-time systems combining logical conclusion and results of computation made with use of  mathematical models of control and diagnostics plants. These systems also include efficient methods of knowledge representation and logic conclusion mechanisms with law memory costs and high operation speed. Research of methods for improvement of operation safety of moving objects with use of new approaches to motion control and intelligent systems of support and decision-making.