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Автоматизированная система диагностики и управления лечением ряда неврологических заболеваний

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  • Международная конференция по новым информационным технологиям (Украина)


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The new computerised method of analysis of motor function has been developed in the Instituteof Control Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The analysis of movement disorders isbased on the characteristics of electrical muscular activity (EMG). Standard electromyographydevices with the aid of surface electrodes register the EMG. The EMG signal has a widefrequency range, and the proposed method deals with the low frequency range, which defines onlythe motor activity. The standard EMG signal is transferred into a computer. The low frequencyrange signal that reflects the different movement disorders is constructed automatically on thebase of EMG signal by software. Spectral-statistical analysis of the low frequency range allowsone to get objective diagnostic signs of different movement disorders. The system is developedjointly with the leading Russian clinics: Institute of Neurology, Russian Center of MovementDisorders & Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Department of Neurologyof Moscow regional scientific research clinical institute named after M.F.Vladimirsky.The system is developed forearly and differential diagnostics of the neurological diseases tohelp the physician in difficult situations (absence of the specific diagnostic signs,similarity of symptoms for different diseases, etc.) to establish the correct diagnosis.For the Parkinson's disease, the automated system is intended to precisely diagnose thesymptoms for each muscle separately. The system assessment of the efficiency of the differenttreatment (drugs, surgical and etc.)

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Хуторская О.Е. Автоматизированная система диагностики и управления лечением ряда неврологических заболеваний / . -: -, 2006. С. -.