Онлайн заседание общемосковского семинара "Экспертные оценки и анализ данных", 10 мая 2023 г.

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Food security analysis, a survey - II
С.Дутта, Д.С.Егоров, Д.С.Ткачев (НИУ ВШЭ)



Global issues related to food security and malnutrition remain unresolved and are actively studied. The global food systems can be severely affected by unpredictable events. We analyzed food security analysis works from the TOP journals in this sphere - Food policy, Global Food security. Our review consists of three parts. In the first part we consider a vital role of international trade and its trade-related disruptions to national food supply. We discuss methods to reveal the risks and counter measures to reduce the impact on the global food system. In the second part we discuss the models based on which it is proposed to develop policies related to global food trade and production, and to enable forecasting in a rapidly changing world vulnerable to unexpected shocks. In the third part we consider scenario analysis concerning food security problems. We discuss quantitative methods taking into accounts pillars of food availability, utilization, access and stability and its application to the set of scenarios.

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