Онлайн заседание общемосковского семинара "Экспертные оценки и анализ данных", 22 марта 2023 г.

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22 марта в 14:30 состоится онлайн заседание Общемосковского семинара "Экспертные оценки и анализ данных".

Запланирован доклад: "A betweenness centrality in Game-Theoretic models of network formation".

И.А.Самойленко (НИУ ВШЭ, МФТИ). 


Since the 1950s, the question of how networks grow and what laws manage their behavior has been actively investigated. In the course of development of this area it was found that networks obtained from different sources have many common properties. The main problems in this topic are as follows: most models are probabilistic and do not explain the reasons for a particular vertex behavior. In this paper we propose a game-theoretic model that uses the weighted betweenness centrality. The model allows not only to get a stronger restriction on the small world property (we will call it "super small world", more commonly known as "six degree of separation") but also to assume strategic reasons why exactly the connections that we can observe are formed in real-life networks.

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22.03.2023 - 14:30


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