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Infinite-Server Resource Queueing Systems with Different Types of Markov-Modulated Poisson Process and Renewal Arrivals





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  • Mathematics

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Т. 10, № 16


  • Basel, Switzerland


  • Mathematics, Published by MDPI

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2962 (1-16) https://doi.org/10.3390/math10162962
In this paper, we propose models that significantly expand the scope of practical applications, namely, queueing systems with various nodes for processing heterogeneous data that require arbitrary resource capacities for their service. When a customer arrives in the system, the customer typeis randomly selected according to a set of probabilities. Then the customer goes to the server of the corresponding device type, where its service is performed during a random time period with a distribution function depending on the type of customer. Moreover, each customer requires a random amount of resources, of which the distribution function also depends on the customer type, but is independent of its service time. The aim of this research was to develop a heterogeneous queueing resource system with an unlimited number of servers and an arrival process in the form of a Markov-modulated Poisson process or stationary renewal process, and with requests for a random number of heterogeneous resources. We have performed analysis under conditions of growing intensity of the arrival process. Here we formulate the theorems and prove that under high-load conditions, the joint asymptotic probability distribution of the n-dimensional process of the total amounts of the occupied resources in the system is a multidimensional Gaussian distribution with parameters that are dependent on the type of arrival process. As a result of numerical and simulation experiments, conclusions are drawn on the limits of the applicability of the obtained asymptotic results. The dependence of the convergence of experimental results on the type of distribution of the system parameters (including the distributions of the service time and of the customer capacity) are also studied. The results of the approximations may be applied to estimating the optimal total number of resources for a system with a limited amount of resources.

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Панкратова Е.В., Моисеева С.П., Фархадов М.П. Infinite-Server Resource Queueing Systems with Different Types of Markov-Modulated Poisson Process and Renewal Arrivals // Mathematics. 2022. Т. 10, № 16. С. 2962 (1-16) https://doi.org/10.3390/math10162962.