Online-семинар "Экспертные оценки и анализ данных", 8 декабря 2021 г. (14:30)

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8 декабря 2021 г. в 14:30 состоится онлайн ZOOM-трансляция заседания Общемосковского семинара Экспертные оценки и анализ данных.

Sanjay Dutta (HSE University, Moscow, Russia)
Decision Making Under Uncertain Environments
Most of the real-life problems involves uncertainty which makes the decision-making process difficult. The uncertainty may be present either in the objective function/s or in the constraints, or both. The uncertainty as imprecise information, probabilistic, and multi-choice presented in the mathematical models cannot be solved analytically. Then the computational methods can be used to solve these mathematical models.

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08.12.2021 - 14:00


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