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Kansei - Learning: Emotional writing work on programming lectures





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  • 22th International Scientific Conference Energy Management of Municipal Facilities and Sustainable Energy Technologies (Voronezh, Russia, 2021)

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  • E3S Web of Conferences

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Vol. 244


  • Voronezh, Russia


  • EDP Sciences

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11031 (1-7)
A method of teaching programming is proposed for consideration, which, like Kansei-engineering [1], is based on managing the emotional background in the classroom during classes to enhance the individual significance of the quality of the assignment. The need for the method is due to the fact that during the oral presentation of the material by the lecturer, students today do not use note-taking, and there is also no feedback. The ways of increasing the effectiveness of teaching programming by means of developing the ability to "think with your hands", as an activation of creativity, through the use of additional emotional stress. In this direction, an initiative is proposed to supplement the written dictation at the lecture. It obliges the student not only to implement written decisions, but also to emotionally assess their quality by making special notes in the margins. Such an innovation will allow not only to develop and strengthen the skill of writing software code, but also at the same time to check its correctness individually, since the selfassessment of the quality of the result is formed emotionally. It is assumed that the introduction of regular lecture emotional writing practices will allow students to hone their algorithmic thinking skills more effectively, and the teacher to manage the tendency of individual learning. It can be expected that an emotional insight will occur in the student's mind at a certain moment, associated with the assessment of his own work, which will determine the initial moment of the emerging understanding. An emotional reaction in conjunction with a written result will mean the initialization of an individual educational process.

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Разумовский А.И. Kansei - Learning: Emotional writing work on programming lectures / E3S Web of Conferences. Voronezh, Russia: EDP Sciences, 2021. Vol. 244. С. 11031 (1-7).