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Areas Of Influence Of Infrastructure Development On Economic Growth




10.34218 / IJM.11.7.2020.098

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  • International Journal of Management

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Volume 11, Issue 7


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  • International Journal of Management (IJM)

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To activate the attraction of investments in infrastructure on the basis of publicprivate partnerships, it is necessary to significantly increase the efficiency of work at all stages - selection and preparation of projects. The purpose of the article is to analyze the direction of the influence of infrastructure development on the economic growth of the national model of the socio-economic system. Influence of infrastructure on long-term economic growth can be carried out in five directions: as a direct factor of production; as an interchangeable element of other factors of production; as an incentive for the accumulation of production factors; as a stimulus to aggregate demand; as an instrument of industrial policy. It is important to form a single mechanism for interdepartmental interaction of all levels of government bodies in the direction of economic development. Including in the direction of public-private partnership: at the stages of the project life cycle within the framework of PPP, starting with initiation, consideration, selection (decision-making), implementation, monitoring, ending with the analysis of results. To form an integrated system of operational management of the regional portfolio of agreements that are under implementation. Formation, based on the strategies of territorial socio-economic development of all levels, a base of lists of objects in relation to which it is planned to conclude PPP agreements and concession agreements. Key words: infrastructure, investment, competition, public-private partnership, concession, economic growth, market.

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Швец И.Ю. Areas Of Influence Of Infrastructure Development On Economic Growth // International Journal of Management. 2020. Volume 11, Issue 7. С. 1107–1116.