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The Problems of Intelligence improving of power plants process control system





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  • Journal of Physics: Conference Series

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1370 (1)


  • Москва


  • Institute of Physics Publishing

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Abstract.Trends in the development of modern control systems of technological processes (ACSTP) on the basis of programandtechnicalcomplexes(PTC) are aimed at creating a unified control system of the power unit in all modes of its operation, capable in addition to directly controlling the power unit, blocking operator errors, using intelligent control strategies. At the same time, improving the quality of technological processes based on new hardware and software and the achievements of the modern theory of automatic control occurs mainly at the level of power unit equipment and to a much lesser extent –at the level of the power plant. It is obvious that the level of intelligence of ACSTPshould correspond to the technical level of promising high-efficiency power plants. Under these conditions, the problem of increasing the degree of intelligence of energy production management systems in power plants through the development and implementation of new innovative technologies, algorithms and systems for optimal control of the operation of equipment of power plants and power plants in general is extremely urgent. At the same time, a set of technical solutions and technologies should provide, in addition to high efficiency, such "sparing" modes of operation, which allow to reduce the rate of exhaustion of the resource characteristics of the equipment and thereby prolong its service life. This shows the necessity and expediency of developing intelligent high-performance control systems for the entire cycle of energy production in power plants, by expanding the functionality of the PTC in terms of optimal control of technological and production processes of the block and station levels

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Аракелян Э.К., Андрюшин А.В., Пащенко Ф.Ф., Мезин С.В. The Problems of Intelligence improving of power plants process control system // Journal of Physics: Conference Series. 2019. 1370 (1). С. 012052.