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Designing Systems of Group Stimulation in The Management of Energy Complex Objects





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  • Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing

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  • Люксембург


  • Springer

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The process of managing energy complexes involves organizing the interaction of various structures with different organizational and legal status. In this case, the usual methods of administrative influence, as a rule, do not work, since the objects of management may not have a common system of subordination, and then you have to use economic levers, one of which is the incentive mechanisms. The problems of synthesis of optimal systems of group stimulation are considered. There is a project of n works. A plan has been defined for reducing the duration of the program, according to which the magnitude of the reduction of its duration is determined for each project. The cost of reducing the duration linearly depends on the magnitude of the reduction. The incentive system is designed to offset these costs. In this case, using the well-known set of incentive systems, new, more complex incentive systems can be obtained, which is why these elementary incentive systems are called basic ones. In the system of group incentives, all projects are divided into m groups, and each group has its own incentive system. Two possible incentive systems for groups are considered: unified linear and unified hopping. The task is to determine the division of projects into groups and select the incentive system for each group so that the total fund for cost compensation is minimal. The methods for solving the tasks are proposed. A further generalization of the problem is considered, when the set of works included in one group can be arbitrary. For this case, a heuristic rule is proposed, on the basis of which the solution algorithm is constructed.

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Баркалов С.А., Бурков В.Н., Курочка П.Н. Designing Systems of Group Stimulation in The Management of Energy Complex Objects // Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing. 2019. V.983. С. 55-68 .