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Modern tools for expert evaluation of the quality of innovative software projects



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  • Quality - Access to Success

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Vol.20, No.169


  • Bucharest


  • Romanian Society for Quality Assurance

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In the modern economy, the implementation of innovative software projects for planning and managing the productive activities is an important factor in ensuring the stable development of enterprises. In this paper, we suggest treating the economic essence of such software projects as soft goods used in the productive activities of enterprises and analyze the modern models for expert assessment of their quality. The main tasks of the present study are: to perform a comparative analysis of existing models; to determine the scope of quality indicators and their main characteristics; and to provide a rationale for choosing a mathematical apparatus to obtain the target values of integral indicator for the expert quality assessment of innovative software projects. The basic methodology of the study is the systemoriented analysis; we have also used the theory of expert estimates and the theory of probability in terms of estimating the random variables, analysis of hierarchies, as well as the methodology of fuzzy sets. In addition, the combinatorial coefficients, binomial and normal distribution tools, and Bernoulli mathematical testing apparatus were used to obtain the results. The paper contributes to the literature by suggesting the composition of indicators for the assessment of the quality the innovative software projects. A developed hierarchical network of indicators makes it possible to determine the target values of integrated quality indicator for the innovative software projects. For practical applications of this methodology for the formation of a hierarchical network of indicators’ properties, it is advisable to use different models simultaneously and create an individual expert system of indicators, their properties, characteristics and subcharacteristics applicable to each specific innovative software project

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Ларин С.Н., Хрусталев Е.Ю., Ратнер С.В., Ноаак Н.В., Соколов Н.А. Modern tools for expert evaluation of the quality of innovative software projects // Quality - Access to Success. 2019. Vol.20, No.169. С. 52-58.