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Incentive Systems in Project Management





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  • Вестник Южно-Уральского государственного университета. Серия: Компьютерные технологии, управление, радиоэлектроника

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Том: 18, №4


  • Челябинск


  • Южно-Уральский государственный университет (национальный исследовательский университет)

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Analysis of the current state of project management shows a significant increase in the number of projects implemented in the spheres of construction, public administration, energy, consulting, and digital technologies. Professional project management allows to effectively allocate responsibilities and responsibilities between project participants, save money and time, reduce risks. Understanding the importance of future development, the heads of organizations are increasingly using project management methods to create competitive advantages, and in the applied theory of management of organizational systems, more attention is paid to the teamwork of the organization's personnel. An important task in the management of the project team is the formation of a system of incentives for its participants, whose task is to ensure the implementation of the project on time without additional budget expenditures. In order to maintain the motivation of project team members, individual and unified incentive schemes. The disadvantage of individual incentive systems is, firstly, unequal conditions for encouraging different groups of performers, and secondly, the danger of manipulation, that is, deliberate distortion of information on the amount of work and costs transferred from the members of the project team. In order to exclude distortion of information and reduce tension in the project team, unified incentive schemes apply when the incentive mechanism is the same for all performers. Intermediate position is occupied by the group incentive schemes, when a number of project operations are divided into groups, for executors of each of which a unified incentive system is applied. The article considers jumping unified stimulation systems, and the problem of choosing the optimal group incentive system is solved.

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Бурков В.Н., Баркалов С.А., Калинина Н.Ю., Насонова Т.В. Incentive Systems in Project Management // Вестник Южно-Уральского государственного университета. Серия: Компьютерные технологии, управление, радиоэлектроника. 2018. Том: 18, №4 . С. 152-159.