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Motivation Management: Towards a Digital Paradigm

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  • QUALITY - Access to success

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Vol. 20, S3


  • Bucharest


  • Romanian Society for Quality Assurance

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79-84 https://www.srac.ro/calitatea/en/arhiva/supliment/2019/Q-asContents_Vol.20_S3_October-2019.pdf
Motivation management consists of different components, the most important of which are the management of incentives, value management and management of organizational culture. Each of the selected objects of management actions is characterized by certain contradictions that need to be worked out at the level of individuals, at the level of groups and at the level of team formation. The most important contradictions of that kind are the contradictions between short-term and long-term interests, between formal and informal institutions, between the management of people and the management of tasks, between the concentration and delegation of authority. Under the digital age arising, group motivation management and team building work do not become more complex, they take on a different shape. Organizations become more virtual, working hours are more flexible, and general staff meetings are more rare. Values are becoming more and more individualized, and the responsibility for executing large areas of work is increasingly assumed by one person, whose functions are selection and training of employees necessary to solve the tasks facing him.

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Нижегородцев Р.М., Горидько Н.П. Motivation Management: Towards a Digital Paradigm // QUALITY - Access to success. 2019. Vol. 20, S3. С. 79-84 https://www.srac.ro/calitatea/en/arhiva/supliment/2019/Q-asContents_Vol.20_S3_October-2019.pdf.