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Malevich’s Suprematist Composition Picture for Spin States



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  • Entropy

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Volume 21, Issue 9


  • Switzerland


  • MDPI

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1-27 (Номер статьи 870)
This paper proposes an alternative geometric representation of single qudit states based on probability simplexes to describe the quantum properties of noncomposite systems. In contrast to the known high dimension pictures, we present the planar picture of quantum states, using the elementary geometry. The approach is based on, so called, Malevich square representation of the single qubit state. It is shown that the quantum statistics of the single qudit with some spin j and observables are formally equivalent to statistics of the classical system with N2−1 random vector variables and N2−1 classical probability distributions, obeying special constrains, found in this study. We present a universal inequality, that describes the single qudits state quantumness. The inequality provides a possibility to experimentally check up entanglement of the system in terms of the classical probabilities. The simulation study for the single qutrit and ququad systems, using the Metropolis Monte-Carlo method, is obtained. The geometrical representation of the single qudit states, presented in the paper, is useful in providing a visualization of quantum states and illustrating their difference from the classical ones.

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Маркович Л.А., Манько В.И. Malevich’s Suprematist Composition Picture for Spin States // Entropy. 2019. Volume 21, Issue 9. С. 1-27 (Номер статьи 870).