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Management Quality in Russia: The Goal or Means?

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  • QUALITY - Access to success

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Vol. 19, S3


  • Bucharest


  • Romanian Society for Quality Assurance

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The paper considers the problem of quality of management (or “management quality”) in Russia in macro and microeconomic aspects. The authors note that its almost permanent anti-crisis character is a feature of Russian management. Russian managers have been working in the period of external sanctions applying to Russia since 2014 and they are practically accustomed both to the often changing economic rules of the game, which are constantly introduced by the government, and to alternating economic crises. The authors have considered the most unpopular government’s decision from June 14, 2018 on the stage-by-stage rising of the retirement age in the Russian Federation from the point of view of assessing the quality of public administration. The authors put the term “management quality institute” into practice and consider it to be a system of subjectobject relations aimed at maximum satisfaction of the society needs, taking into account the requirements of moral, social and economic norms.

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Шмелева А.Н., Нижегородцев Р.М. Management Quality in Russia: The Goal or Means? // QUALITY - Access to success. 2018. Vol. 19, S3. С. 57-63.