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Model estimates of non-hydrostatic stresses in the Martian crust and mantle: 1. Two-level model





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  • Solar System Research

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Vol. 51, No. 6


  • Moscow


  • Pleiades Publishing, Ltd

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Regions of maximum tangential and tensile–compressive stresses in the Martian interior have been discovered using two types of models: the elastic model and the model with an elastic lithosphere of var- ied thickness (150–500 km) positioned on top of a weak layer that has partially lost its elastic properties. The weakening is simulated by a ten-fold lower value of the shear modulus down to the core boundary. The numerical simulation applies Green’s functions (load number method) with the step of 1 × 1 grade along lat- itude and longitude down to a depth of 1000 km. The boundary condition is the expansion of the latest data on Martian topography and the gravitational field (model MRO120D) in spherical harmonics up to the degree and order of 90 in relation to the reference surface that is assumed an equilibrium spheroid. The con- sidered double-level compensation model assumes nonequilibrium landforms and density anomalies at the crust–mantle boundary to be the sources of the anomalous gravitational field. Calculations are performed for two test models of Martian internal structure with the crust mean thicknesses of 50 to 100 km and mean den- sity of 2900 kg/m3. Considerable tangential and simultaneously compressive stresses occur under the Tharsis region. The main regions of high tangential and simultaneously tensile stresses are located in the Hellas region crust and in the lithosphere of the following regions: Argyre Planitia, Mare Acidalium, Arcadia Planitia and Valles Marineris. The zone of high maximum tangential and tensile stresses has been found at the boundary between the lithosphere under the Olympus volcano and that under the Elysium rise.

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Гудкова Т.В., Батов А.В., Жарков В.Н. Model estimates of non-hydrostatic stresses in the Martian crust and mantle: 1. Two-level model // Solar System Research. 2017. Vol. 51, No. 6. С. 457-478.

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