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Features of Innovation Management Strategies in the Post-Industrial Economy


ISSN: 1939-6104

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  • Academy of Strategic Management Journal

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Volume 16, Special Issue 2


  • London


  • Allied Business Academies

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1-8 https://www.abacademies.org/articles/Features-of-innovation-management-strategies-in-the-post-industrial-economy-1939-6104-SI-16-2-137.pdf
The topic of this paper is very relevant in relation to the formation of the post-industrial economy and the need to improve the methods, tools and mechanisms for managing economic entities. The main reason for the low efficiency of economic entities now is that the prevailing stereotypes of management and applied management methods do not meet the modern requirements of the market economy. The aim of the paper is to develop a classification model of innovation management strategies in companies that allows companies to justify the choice of a specific strategy and the scope of strategies. The results of the study were obtained through descriptive and comparative methods of research. The paper analyzes the main concepts of companies’ competitive strategies and systematizes the specific features of economic entities’ strategies of closed, open and half-open innovations in accordance with the following characteristics: content, tasks, advantages, disadvantages, current distribution, attitude to creation and use of the ideas. The factors of the change of modern companies’ interest in the innovation activity towards the open innovation model were classified: the growth of mobility and the level of education of employees, the intellectualization of production processes, the high cost of innovation, the improvement of the venture capital availability and the emergence of new information and communication opportunities. It was substantiated that the intensity and efficiency of the innovation transfer to the production sphere, as well as the efficiency of the economic activity of modern companies, are determined by their innovation activity strategies. The classification of modern companies’ innovation activity strategies was developed based on three parameters: technological potential, market potential and the degree of innovation life cycle management, which made it possible to identify the areas of effective application of the open, combined and closed innovation strategies in the real-case scenario of economic entities. Real-world application of the results of this work will improve the ways for strategic management of innovative development of companies taking into account some modern economic and social trends.

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Нижегородцев Р.М., Секерин В.Д., Горохова А.Е., Горидько Н.П. Features of Innovation Management Strategies in the Post-Industrial Economy // Academy of Strategic Management Journal. 2017. Volume 16, Special Issue 2. С. 1-8 https://www.abacademies.org/articles/Features-of-innovation-management-strategies-in-the-post-industrial-economy-1939-6104-SI-16-2-137.pdf.