Теория автоматического управления, 29 ноября 2016 г.

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"Теория автоматического управления" 

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29 ноября (11:30, комната 433)


Spyros Chatzivasileiadis (Technical University of Denmark)


"Power System Control and Optimization: Challenges and Possible Solutions"


    Interconnected electric power grids are large-scale strongly nonlinear systems, considered to be the “largest machines ever built”. The daily operation of such a grid costs hundreds of millions of dollars; and short-term blackouts are associated with billions of dollars in economic losses. Advanced control and optimization methods are essential to maintain grid stability at all times, and optimize the system performance.

    In this talk we will first give an overview of the main challenges in power system control and optimization. We will describe the current trends and address some of the solution approaches to emerging problems. We will then present a novel robust stability toolbox for power grids that can address uncertainties in equilibrium points and fault-on dynamics. In that, we bring in the quadratic Lyapunov functions approach to transient stability assessment. We extend these methods with inertia and topology control. 


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