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Пленарный доклад


Cybernetics 2.0: Reducing the Complexity

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  • 9-я Международная конференция IEEE U-media 2016, Москва

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  • Proceedings of the Conference IEEE U-media 2016, Москва


  • Москва


  • IFTI

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Analysis of complex systems sciences (control theory, distributed optimization, emergent intelligence, etc.) allows emphasizing the following general trends: 1) Inter-disciplinary: control objects, methods and means of control; 2) Network/hierarchical structure of controlled object, control system and communications. Networks of hierarchies and hierarchies of networks; 3) Intra-paradigmal problems: «linearity» of development, desire to reduce the problem to well-known, i.e. «internal» problems of any subject field. Self-isolation of different braches of control science. The demand for the creation of new adequate mathematical techniques; 4) «Heuristical» applications: the concept of bounded rationality (under the lack of time, ability or necessity) – instead of optimal pseudo-optimal solutions are heuristically searched; 5) “Unification”: C5 = Control × Computation × Communication × Cost × lifecycle; 6) Heterogeneous (hierarchical, complex, integrated) modeling. Problems of models «coupling», search for common language. Generating and replicating typical solutions of control problems; 7) Strategic behavior (goal-setting, interests coordination, reflexion, etc); 8) Big data and big control. This trends evidence the challenges of complexity, generated by traditional (large state-space dimensions, nonlinearity and ill-defined) and novel (multi-scale, ubiquitous, intellectual, integrated, etc.) properties of complex systems. This challenges may be answered in the framework of cybernetics due to its ability to reduce the complexity by: unification, aggregation/decomposition, networks/hierarchies, decentralization/autonomy, heterogeneity, adequate theory/model fitting and bounded rationality. It will require a new development stage of cybernetics (the so-called cybernetics 2.0) as a science on general regularities of systems organization and control.

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Новиков Д.А. Cybernetics 2.0: Reducing the Complexity / Proceedings of the Conference IEEE U-media 2016, Москва. М.: IFTI, 2016. С. 8.