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Is Cybernetics a Motorway to the Future Heaven



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  • Pomiary Automatyka Robotyka

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Vol.20, No.2


  • Warsaw


  • PIAP

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The Trapeznikov Institute of Control Sciences was founded in 1939. In this period it was called the Institute of Automation and Remote Control. It was the time just before the II World War. First problems which were solved in the institute were the problems of automation in the industry, aviation, and during World War II also problems of production control. Then, just after World War II, we started intensive researches on space control. Director of the Institute at that time, Academician Boris Petrov, who was a colleague of Sergei Korolev, was responsible for the control systems in the space rockets. In 1970s Boris Petrov coordinated the Soyuz-Apollo Programme. And this class of control problems is developing till nowadays. Another branch which was born in the 1960s was the problem of complex automation of submarines and other marine objects that has been intensively developed until now in our Institute. Since 1980 we started researches on the problems of automation in the nuclear energy plants. These research activities are continued nowadays, we have close contact with Iran and India, atomic plant in Bushehr and Kudankulam.

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Новиков Д.А. Is Cybernetics a Motorway to the Future Heaven // Pomiary Automatyka Robotyka. 2016. Vol.20, No.2. С. 64-67.