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Continuous, saturation, and discontinuous tokamak plasma vertical position control systems

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  • Fusion Engineering and Design

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Т. 108


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  • Elsevier

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This paper is devoted to the design and comparison of unstable plasma vertical position control systemsin the T-15 tokamak with the application of two types of actuators: a multiphase thyristor rectifier anda transistor voltage inverter. An unstable dynamic element obtained by the identification of plasma-physical DINA code was used as the plasma model. The simplest static feedback state space controllaw was synthesized as a linear combination of signals accessible to physical measurements, namelythe plasma vertical displacement, the current, and the voltage in a horizontal field coil, to solve thepole placement problem for a closed-loop system. Only one system distinctive parameter was used tooptimize the performance of the feedback system, viz., a multiple real pole. A first-order inertial unit wasused as the rectifier model in the feedback. A system with a complete rectifier model was investigatedas well. A system with the voltage inverter model and static linear controller was brought into a sliding stabilitymode. As this takes place, real time delays were taken into account in the discontinuous voltage invertermodel. The comparison of the linear and sliding mode systems showed that the linear system enjoyed anessentially wider range of the plant model parameters where the feedback system was stable.

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Митришкин Ю.В., Павлова Е.А., Кузнецов Е.А., Гайдамака К.И. Continuous, saturation, and discontinuous tokamak plasma vertical position control systems // Fusion Engineering and Design. 2016. Т. 108. С. 35-47.