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Mathematical modeling of the population dynamics of "dark" states of a three-level system


ISSN: 0030-400X

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  • Optics and spectroscopy

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V.112, № 5


  • Moscow


  • Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.

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Abstract—Mathematical modeling of the population dynamics is performed for states of a three-level system (atom) with a V-type configuration transforming a light pulse. It is assumed that the excited eigenstates of the atom are degenerate and coupled by coherent interaction, one of the states being radiating (radiative), while the other state is nonradiating (“dark”). The population dynamics of atomic states is described on the basis of numerical solutions of equations for the matrix elements of the density operator. The dependence of the effi- ciency of population of the atomic dark state from the values of the parameters of an irradiation pulse and from the ratio of the period of population oscillations of excited atomic states (caused by their coherent interaction) to the lifetime of the atomic radiating state is determined. Typical examples of the time dependence of the pop- ulation of states of the atom considered are presented for the cases of irradiation by a short (as compared to the lifetime of the radiating state) sinusoidal light pulse and by a long rectangular light pulse with the resonance carrier frequency. DOI: 10.1134/S0030400X12050128

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Морозов В.А., Дубина Ю.М. Mathematical modeling of the population dynamics of "dark" states of a three-level system // Optics and spectroscopy. 2012. V.112, № 5. С. 658-664.

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