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Книга (брошюра, монография, стандарт)


Reflexion and Control: Mathematical Models

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1-e изд.

Сведения об издании: 

1-ое издание




  • Leiden


  • CRC Press

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This book is dedicated to modern approaches to mathematical modeling of reflexive processes in control. The authors consider reflexive games that describe the interaction of subjects (agents) making decisions based on an hierarchy of beliefs regarding (1) essential parameters (informational reflexion), (2) decision principles used by opponents (strategic reflexion), (3) beliefs about beliefs, and so on. Analyzing the behavior of phantom agents (existing in beliefs of other real or phantom agents) and the properties of informational and reflexive structures (reflecting the mutual awareness of real and phantom agents) enables suggesting informational and reflexive equilibria as solutions of corresponding games. The mentioned equilibria generalize a series of well-known equilibrium concepts in noncooperative games and models of collective behavior. The models of informational and strategic reflexion allow: - describing and studying the behavior of reflexing subjects; - investigating the relationship between payoffs gained by agents and their reflexion ranks; - posing and solving the problems of informational and reflexive control in organizational, economic, social and other systems, in military applications, etc. (an interested reader would find in the book over 30 examples of possible applications in these fields); - describing uniformly many phenomena connected with reflexion, viz., implicit control, informational control via the mass media, reflexion in psychology, art works, etc. The present book is intended for experts in decision making and control of systems having interdisciplinary nature, as well as for undergraduates and postgraduates.

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Новиков Д.А., Чхартишвили А.Г. Reflexion and Control: Mathematical Models. 1-e изд. Leiden: CRC Press, 2014. – 298 с.