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Evaluation of Target Market Model of Fraight Railway Transport up to 2015



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  • International Journal of Advanced Railway

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Т.1, №1


  • Сеул



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Effective management system of implementation of the Target Market Model of a freight railway transport for the period up to 2015 (hereinafter - TMM) includes self-regulation on the basis of liberal mechanisms and progressive adaptive management on the basis of centralized mechanisms of freight railway transport (FRT). Within its framework, we can develop the optimal mechanisms of management of rolling stock and FRT as a whole. These and other measures of the implementation of TMM will help improve the current performance of FRT, bring them closer to the maximum achievement on existing infrastructure. In addition, the use of optimal mechanisms of rolling stock and FRT as a whole allows better target to plan investments in develop of infrastructure. The developed methodology based on the fundamental theoretical results and principles, combined with the accumulated practical experiences, the first time provides a real opportunity evaluation, analysis, synthesis, and projecting of self-organizing adaptive mechanisms to implement TMM, aimed at improving the efficiency and competitiveness of rail transport in Russia. As a result, will be increased efficiency, flexibility and value of solutions in the implementation of TMM. The methodology will allow extend the use of modern formal methods and technologies to reduce risks of negative consequences and improve the efficiency of JSC RR. This methodology to be used in offices, departments and branches of JSC RR to support decision making in the management of the implementation of TMM.

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Белый О.В., Цыганов В.В., Савушкин С.А., Сирина Н.Ф. Evaluation of Target Market Model of Fraight Railway Transport up to 2015 // International Journal of Advanced Railway. 2013. Т.1, №1. С. 13-20.