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Limits of global growth, stagnation, creativity and international stability

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т.25, вып.8, DOI (digital object identifier) 201310.1007/s00146-013-0483-x


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  • Springer Verlag

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Arising restrictions of global economic growth due to limited natural resources and capacity of the biosphere are negatively influencing on people level of life and their future expectation. That leads to individual depression and social instability. To consider this problem, psycho-physiological model of farseeing hedonist in consumer society is developed and investigated. It is based on fact that human nature produces constantly growing desire. After reaching the limits of growth, people from consumer society feel persistent negative emotions and dissatisfaction. It provides the problem of socio-economic stagnation, social and international instability. The first type of possible solutions of this problem is based on the global extension of growth limits (e.g. increasing of macroeconomic demand as a result of new Kondratieff technological cycle). The second type of solutions refers to local extension of growth limits within only one or several countries, by means of their economic, political or military expansion in the world. But such solutions provide international instability. The third type of solutions corresponds to periodical decreasing of the macroeconomic consumption followed by its growth (e.g., global financial crisis, decay of states and their unions, national and military conflicts, wars and so on). This type of solutions also provides social and international instability. The alternative humanistic solution consists in creativity development of people (especially from the middle class of developed countries) to replace their consumer values for the spiritual values. It can be the background of social and international stability because of constantly rising desire of these people in spiritual sphere can be satisfied under limits of global economic growth.

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Цыганов В.В. Limits of global growth, stagnation, creativity and international stability // AI & SOCIETY. 2013. т.25, вып.8, DOI (digital object identifier) 201310.1007/s00146-013-0483-x. С. http://link.springer.com/search?query=Limits+of+global+growth%2C+stagnation%2C+creativity+and+international+stability.