Международный семинар “Статистика экстремальных событий”, 28 октября 2013г.

Международный семинар

“Статистика экстремальных событий”

28 октября 2013 (понедельник)

14.00              Ауд.1

Константин Авраченков

(INRIA, France)

“Quick detection of large degree nodes”

We propose to use the random walk based method. We show theoretically and by numerical experiments that for large networks the random walk method finds good quality top lists of nodes with high probability and with computational savings of orders of magnitude. In particular, we show for configuration random graph models that the method finds large degree nodes in sub-linear time. We also propose stopping criteria for the random walk method which requires very little knowledge about the structure of the network.

Руководитель семинара:  Н.М.Маркович, д.ф-м.н., гл.н.с., лаб.38