7th European Modelling Symposium, EMS2013, Manchester, 20 - 22 November 2013

7th European Modelling Symposium, EMS2013, Manchester, 20 - 22 November 2013  
Conference Website: http://ems2013.info
Proceedings to be published by the IEEE Computer Society Conference Publication Services, CPS, and will be submitted to the Computer Society Digital Library (CSDL) as well as the IEEE Xplore and other indexers.
Papers are invited on any aspect of mathematical modelling and computer simulation to be presented at EMS2013, Manchester, 20 - 22 November 2013.
The event provides authors with an exceptional opportunity for networking and presenting their research findings at a top quality international conference. 
- Intelligent Systems
- Hybrid Intelligent Systems and Hybrid Soft Computing
- Methodologies, Tools and Operations Research
- Bio-informatics and Bio-Medical Simulation
- Discrete Event and Real Time Systems
- Image, Speech and Signal Processing
- Industry, Business and Management 
- Human Factors, Social & Economic Sciences
- Engineering: Civil, Mechanical, Chemical, Industrial, Manufacturing and Control
- Energy, Power Generation and Distribution
- Transport, Logistics, Harbour, Shipping and Marine Simulation
- Virtual Reality, Visualization and Computer Games
- Parallel and Distributed Architectures and Systems
- Internet Modelling, Semantic Web and Ontologies
- Performance Engineering of Computer & Communication Systems
- Mobile/Ad hoc wireless networks, mobicast, sensor placement, target tracking
- Circuits, Sensors and Devices
The Symposium will focus on all aspects of modelling and simulation techniques, particularly those involving intelligent and hybrid intelligent systems in engineering, remote sensing and wireless technologies. Topics may include:
- applications in industry, business and management
- algorithms, methods and their applications
- methodologies and tools
- energy, power generation and distribution
- distributed systems and networks
- geographical information systems (GIS)
- environment and health
- education and training
- bio-informatics, biology, medicine, public health
- remote sensing applications & technologies
- robotics, fuzzy modelling, control and automation
- software agents and agent based simulation
- knowledge and data mining
- neural networks and evolutionary computation
- swarm intelligence & technology
- architectures of intelligent systems
- image, speech and signal processing
- internet modelling, semantic web and ontologies
- business, management, finance, economics, global meltdown
- leisure, games, war/conflict/rebellion modelling
- psychology, cognitive functions, behaviour, emotion, subjectivity
- humanities, literature, semantics modelling/dynamics
- energy, power generation and distribution
- manufacturing, planning, control, robotics, measurement, monitoring
- safety critica1 systems
- transportation
- structural mechanics and civil engineering, oil and gas;
- education and training, military applications. 
You are invited to submit:
- full paper of 6 pages (Letter) for oral presentation, see template on website
- proposal to organize a technical session and/or workshop.
Submissions must be original, unpublished work containing new and interesting results that demonstrate current research in all areas of intelligent systems modelling and simulation and their applications in science, technology, business and commerce. As last years, see EMS2012 on the IEEE website: http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpl/mostRecentIssue.jsp?reload=true&punumber=... the conference papers will be submitted to the IEEE Xplore Digital Library.
The conference is jointly organised by UK Simulation Society and Asia Modelling and Simulation Section and is supported/co-sponsored by 
- IEEE UK & RI Computer Chapter and IEEE Region 8 (technical co-sponsors)
- UK Simulation Society, Asia Modelling & Simulation Section (full sponsor)
- European Simulation federation, EUROSIM (patron/supporter/promoter)
- European Council for Modelling and Simulation, ECMS
Paper Submission: EMS2013 is using EDAS for submission and registration, authors need to:
- create an account (if not already has) with EDAS http://edas.info
- open the list of conferences managed by EDAS & find EMS2013
- click on Submit button on the right, choose the appropriate track to your paper and enter your paper title & abstract
- upload file.
Kindly promote EMS2013 to all your contacts in your university, country and worldwide, Manchester is a great and welcoming city, the event is promising to be a great conference and we don't want anyone to miss a golden opportunity to mix and network with world specialists and forge new friendships and cooperation with colleagues in Europe and worldwide.
10 October 2013, submit title and abstract now and full paper ASAP, EDAS remains open for few days to accept late papers.
Selected papers will be considered for publication in the International Journal of Simulation: Systems, Science & Technology, IJSSST: http://ijssst.info, International Journal of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, IJEEI http://www.ijeei.org, and International Journal of Advances in Soft Computing and Its Application, IJASCA s
Best regards and look forward to seeing you at EMS2013 in November 2013!