Conference on Manufacturing Modelling, Management, and Control MIM '2013

Invitation to IFAC MIM '2013, Saint Petersburg - Deadline Extension

(November 30, 2012) 

Dear colleagues! 
The submission period for the IFAC MIM '2013 is close to the completion, and using this opportunity, we would like to invite you to participate in this IFAC event, the Conference on Manufacturing Modelling, Management, and Control MIM '2013 to be held on June 19 to 21, 2013 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. 
The deadline for submissions of both contributed and invited draft papers is finally extended to November 30, 2012, and no further extensions are assumed. 
Detailed information on the IFAC MIM '2013 is available on its official web-site [1] 
The IFAC MIM '2013 proceedings will be published by Elsevier on [2] and indexed in SCOPUS. In addition, the IFAC Journals and, after these, IFAC affiliated journals will access to all contributions presented and publish extended version of selected papers. However, if the author is not contacted by an editor of these journals, within three months after the meeting, he/she is free to submit an expanded version of the presented material for journal publication elsewhere.

MIM '2013 SCOPES: 
- PLM and product design support systems

- Virtual reality

Mass customization

- Design and reconfiguration of manufacturing systems

- Facility planning and materials handling

- Inventory control, production planning and scheduling

- Pricing and outsourcing

- Supply chains and networks

- Modeling, simulation, control and monitoring of manufacturing processes

- Robotics in manufacturing

Probabilistic & statistical models in industrial plant control

Maintainability, reliability, safety and dependability of production systems

- Monitoring, diagnosis and maintenance of manufacturing systems

- Quality management

- Process modeling and information systems within the extended enterprise

- Architectures and models for intelligent manufacturing systems

- Sensor networks, ubiquitous computing, active identifiers, wireless communication in manufacturing

- Knowledge management in production

- Distributed systems and multi-agents technologies

- Artificial intelligence and machine learning approaches

- Complex adaptive systems and emergent synthesis in manufacturing

- Discrete event systems in manufacturing

Simulation technologies

- Operational research

- Industrial and applied mathematics for production 

The IFAC MIM '2013 Conference is sponsored by IFAC 5.2 Technical Committee and co-sponsored by a number of IFAC committees as well as other scientific societies under the organizational support of the V.A. Trapeznikov Institute of Control Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences as a host organization, that is known as a leading Russian institution in the branch of control sciences and an organizer of many considerable scientific events, among which the very successful IFAC INCOM '09 Symposium takes a specific and memorable place. 
A unique attractive feature of the MIM '2013 Conference is its location and the month of year, Saint Petersburg and June. A world-famous city, founded in 1703 by the first Russian Imperator Peter the Great, Saint Petersburg will present you an incredible atmosphere of the bewitching White Nights, rivers, channels, bridges, and inimitable architecture that will forever stay with you.

MIM '2013 sessions will take place in the main building of the Saint Petersburg State University, the historical building of the Twelve Collegia, the government of Russia of the Peter the Great. This Petrine era, Petrine Baroque building was designed by Domenico Trezzini and Theodor Schwertfeger and built from 1722 to 1744 at an embankment of the Neva river at the historical center of Saint Petersburg, providing at present complete technological facilities for the organization of large scientific forums. 

And, of course, the MIM '2013 Social Program will completely correspond to the meaningful of the event, the city, and the time of year. In spite of its resplendence, the Social Program may nevertheless be described in few words: the Kingdom of Water and Architecture. So, the only words we can add to this invitation are just


On behalf of the IFAC MIM '2013 organizers, 
Alexandre Dolgui, 
Chair of the International Program Committee 

Natalia Bakhtadze, 
Chair of the National Organizing Committee [3]