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Modeling of Organizations



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  • EOLSS. Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology

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Т. 2


  • London



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The obtained results show that the control-theoretical models offer an effective tool for improving control of the socio-economic and organization systems of diverse scales beginning from a team or workshop and ending with an industry or region. The reader is referred to the site www.mtas.ru for bibliography and texts of many publications on the active system theory. Practice always poses new challenges to the experts.The following classes of problems can be specified from the point of view of further development of the theory: in the formal models, adequate allowance for and further development of the current psychological, economic, and sociological concepts development of the models and methods of designing the composition and structure of the active systems including the multilevel, dynamic, and network control structures development of the models and methods of efficiency estimation and design of complex mechanisms on the basis of a system of simpler mechanisms.From the practical point of view, one should mention the need for generalizing the experience gained with practical use of various control mechanisms in order to work out applied procedures and computerized information systems which would enable one to use adequate effective control procedures in each particular case. Additionally, training of the specialists in control who are equipped with the full arsenal of modern knowledge and expertise as well as popularization of the theoretical results and establishment of closer informal and informational relations with the allied fields of the science and practice of control seem to be important organizational tasks because further solution of theoretical and practical problems of control of active systems is impossible without cooperation of mathematicians, psychologists, economists, sociologists, and representatives of other sciences.

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Бурков В.Н., Новиков Д.А. Modeling of Organizations // EOLSS. Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology. 2005. Т. 2. С. http://www.eolss.net/Sample-Chapters/C15/E1-26-08-05.pdf.