Laboratory № 31

I.V. Prangidhvili Laboratory of Distributed Information-and-Analytical Control Systems

Head of Laboratory A.S. Poletykin

  • Development and study of the methods of design and the operational characteristics of involved program-technical complexes to process control systems
  • Development and breadboarding of the integration automation information-and-control systems С projects based on the concept of controlled cluster warehouse
  • Investigation of the method of expert observation in the problem of constructing intelligent information-and-control complexes and systems
  • Development and study of the principles of constructing the algorithms and software facilities for globally distributed processes of control in information-and-control complexes
  • Development of high-performance multiprocessor VLSI circuits for batch data processing with the aim of enhancing the data channel throughput in the computer networks
  • Development of the theory and methods of design of high-performance fault-tolerant information-and-control complexes with asymmetrical multiprocessor architecture
  • Development and study of the soft-firmware facilities for analysis, recognition, and morpometry of the microscopic images